How to make a children’s development mat with their hands

If you have extra pieces of tissue, using a few a tools you can make a beautiful mat that will decorate your home and please the children.

You just need to prepare certain ‘ingredients’, be patient and use your imagination, and you will get a beautiful, unusual, colorful mat for the baby.

Mat for children with their own hands: ‘Streets and houses’

You will need:

  • Dense fabric;
  • Adhesive masking tape;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • Paint for interior coatings;
  • Roller;
  • Squares of felt in different colors;
  • Decorations for mat;

1. Select the dense fabric of any size. Draw a diagram of roads and houses using pencil and then masking tape – it should be something symmetrical and simple.

2. Prepare acrylic paint. Roads – gray (if you do not have it, you can mix black and white). Paint roads using the roller.

3. When the paint dries, draw a white paint mark on the road.

4. Paint houses with different colors, leave the paint to dry and remove the masking tape.

* Some homes can be cut from felt in different colors – a separate roof, doors, windows.

5. Add your favorite rug eateries, attractions, lakes, zoo (you can draw animals or cut them out of newspapers or magazines and glue) etc.

Game folding mat for children

We need:

  • 2 pieces of denim;
  • Canvas (canvas), or other thick cloth;
  • Gray and yellow felt;
  • The White Ribbon;
  • Dense material for belts;
  • Velcro;
  • Various pieces of fabric for applications;
  • White acrylic paint and brush;
  • Needle and thread (sewing machine);
  • Pins.

1. Cut out pieces of fabric. Of old jeans cut piece for pockets and canvas for the front of the mat.

Prepare denim 17×10 in and fold it in half.

Attach pins denim to the duck cloth (or other thick fabric you chose for the mat).

Sew the fabric together at the bottom.

Start making vertical stitches when sewing fabric. You can make few lines for durability.

2. Sew gray felt to the main dense fabric, which will play the role of the road for machines.

From the yellow felt, cut small pieces – they will be road markings, fasten them with pins and sew the gray felt.

3. Prepare a second denim, to which further sew applique ‘car.’

From any fabric cut and sew machine image applications. When you fold the mat, the machine will decorate crafts.

Prepare a white ribbon and sew it on the top and bottom of denim. You can also sew sides.

Sew a strap (fabric belting) to denim. Attach it to the bottom of the mat and sew, leaving about 0.5 in abroad mat. When connecting denim with the main dense tissue, this piece of the strap is inserted between them.

Prepare Velcro. Sew one of the Velcro to the strap, and the other to the center of applications ‘car.’

4. Connect tops of denim and basic thick cloth and fasten them with pins. Along the edges make line, leaving about 3 in is not stitched to the mat and then unscrew.

5. Remove the pad and sew the hole left behind. Make another sew around the perimeter of the mat.

Add up your mat in half, iron with the hand to make crease in the middle.

Expand the mat and make a sew in the middle – where the fold is formed. So it will be easier to fold the mat.

6. Prepare a paper with carved figures.

Attach the paper to the bottom of the rug – where a small denim, and apply several layers of acrylic paint to form a figure in white.

7. It remains to fill the pockets of cars, fold the mat and secure Velcro. You now have a folding, compact mat that the child can take with you, unfold it and play with cars.

Simple mat for children

This folding mat for children even easier then previous. We just need to add loops around the perimeter of the fabric and pull the ribbon through them. Now you can easily fold and unfold mad to play anywhere.

There is nothing nicer than a child’s smile. Make a handmade mat and enjoy a fun game of your baby.