How to make paper pinwheels

Motley, colorful pinwheels can be used not only as a fun activity for children, but also apply for the décor of a garden site, or even turn them into bouquets. Do these pinwheels can be of thick colored paper or cardboard, also for this craft, you can use the cover of magazines or other suitable material.

Material required for the production of this crafts for kids is:

  • thick coloured paper,
  • pencil with an eraser on the end,
  • pin with a head and a pair of scissors.

From colored construction paper, cut out a square, then you need to make a cut as shown in the picture, not reaching the middle of approximately 2/3″.

Now you need to bend all ends, connecting them at one point.

Take a pin and fasten all the ends of the Center vane as shown in the picture below

Next, gently bend the pin in half to … Better use of pliers

fasten the bent end of the pins on the eraser of a simple pencil.

This «do it yourself project» is finaly done. Good for you!

Other uses of paper pinwheels.

From improvised pinwheels can make original bouquet.

Or they can become part of the decoration