Multi-colored snail from plasticine

You can make a large family of snails in a few minutes. Figures mothers, fathers and children are molded for 30 seconds each. And all for one and the same scheme.


Snails for mom prepare a big pink ball and three pairs of small pink, white and blue. From a large bowl we’ll make the body. From small – horns and eyes.

A large ball and small pink balls roll out sausages-carrots thick on one side and sharp on the other. Thick will be the body, sharp – horns.

Bending the sausage-body, fasten horns. Little white balls and flatten them in the center attach little blue balls – pupils. Pierce nose with a toothpick. Draw a smile

TIP To make smooth smile, it is necessary to first identify just spend stack, leaving the line, but not dent tool.

For the ‘house’ of Snails roll up big blue ball. It can be a little more ball-body or a little less. Depending on how you like the snail.

Roll the ball into a long sausage and twist it into a spiral.

Put house on the back of Snail. With new home!

Аналогично сделаем нашей улитке друга сердца.

СОВЕТ: Для того чтобы прикрепить мелкие детали, например рожки у детишек, вместо пальца используйте стек.