Developmental board: tips and ideas from mom

Many have heard and read about Maria Montessori and her method of education, which is one of the most popular in the world. When a child is engaged in Montessori, he develops new skills, but, in addition, the child gradually acquires a sense of independence and confidence. Developing board will help in this. And today we will tell you about very interesting, vivid and original developmental boards for kids!

Busyboard or develop the board, what is it?

This is a sheet of plywood to which screwed various locks, latches, hooks, scores, rollers, tumblers. Filling can be absolutely anyone.

What is the benefit for the child?

  1. Fine motor skills
  2. Color perception
  3. Coordination of movement
  4. Imagination
  5. Perseverance
  6. Exhibiting own activity
  7. Skills using simple locks INT

What can be used?

  1. Furniture wheels of different diameters, rotating and stationary. Screwed onto the screws. You can add color using colored duct tape
  2. Rollers for various purposes, including massage and construction. Foam, fur, cardboard (suitable cardboard of toilet paper, pasted with colored paper). The more varied materials are, the more the child will receive a sensory experience.
  3. The hinges and locks. Choose the simplest models. Suitable latches. With their help, you can make the open windows, pre-cut the rectangle in sheet of plywood. In the future, the windows can be painted with acrylic paints.
  4. Lace. Draw sneakers using acrylic paint, then fasten the hooks and insert lace. Or you can use two wooden blocks with holes, glued against each other to the plywood.
  5. A revolving disc from the old phone. The phone itself can be found in a thrift store or flea market.
  6. Zipper. It can be glued and nailed with a stapler. Background for it may be different, suit jacket, and the crocodile, where the zipper will be teeth.
  7. Velcro. Glue one side on the board, the other on the figure of the old wooden puzzle with a handle. Or fasten the Velcro on the painted / glued jacket image.
  8. Flashlight.
  9. Jingle Bells. They can be bought in the fishing shop and hang on the screw-hook.
  10. Door handles. Looking for old handles in the garage, the attic, or buy at the store.
  11. Scores. You can buy ready-made, wooden or plastic, or make yourself. This will require a threaded needle, screw-in hooks, nuts and wooden beads.
  12. Mirrors. You can use any: small, rotating, convex and regular, cosmetic. The main condition: the protective edge!
  13. Tumbler.

And a few more tips

1. Developing board itself is very attractive target for the baby, but you as a parent can make it more interesting by adding bright color spots, or through using the more mobile and other entertaining elements.

2. Older children would like to help you with creating the board. Involvement in one big case strengthens the bond and beneficial for the whole family!

3. Do not be afraid to start work. The most important thing is the desire and love for your children! A little patience, time, imagination – and you will make great busybord with their own hands!