How to make a homemade book cover

Save your favorite books in excellent condition will help cover that you can do with your own hands out of the fabric. And to cover did not seem boring, you can use the material of bright colors, as well as to make the application. The fabric from which you can choose the best to make the cover of the dense-it might be corduroy or felt, however you can use any thick fabric, which will be in the house.

That would be required for the implementation of the idea of this children’s craft:

  • fabric,
  • thread sewing,
  • scissors,
  • pencil,
  • the book itself,
  • and application for decorating the cover.:

To make the application of fabric, you can print the pattern, cut, and sew on the fabric to transfer large stitches, threads embroidery thread, based on the sample of a little below.

When the application is ready, you can begin using-covers for books.

You first need to measure out the borders of a future album cover, to do this, take the book, attach to the fabric and leaving a small overlap around the perimeter, measure and cut the rectangular piece of fabric.

The next step is to cut a piece of fabric for the inside of the cover, in which the main cover is inserted and the reverse side of the book.

Each piece of cloth should be equal to the half of the book cover, to do this, measure out a ruler to the desired size, fabric and cut out the two same rectangles.

The next step is to attach application on fabric, you can do this in several ways: sew thread floss, iron with the use of “webs” or use plastic bag, which under the influence of temperature will start to melt and thus will connect application with cover.

Then we need to sew two rectangles that will keep the book from the inside.

Now you can try on the cover of …

Bright, stylish cover is ready.