How to make colorful plate of buttons

Such a colorful plate of the buttons will become a festive table decoration for a child’s birthday. You will be quite easy to make a plate with your hands

You will need:

  • pockets of different shapes and sizes (preferably glued small buttons)
  • Balls
  • PVA glue (can be diluted with some water)
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • jar (which will put the ball)

1. Inflate the balloon to the desired size.
2. Put the ball on the jar with the tail down.
3. Cover the half of the ball with glue using a brush or just with your finger.

During the application of glue can keep the ball for the tail and jiggle that the glue is evenly formed. Then you can put the ball in the jar.
4. Let this layer of glue hardens. It will serve as a layer of protection between the ball and buttons.
5. Apply a second layer of glue and start to glue the buttons – they should fit snugly to each other. Cover half ball with buttons.
6. Leave workpiece to dry. It may take several hours.

7. When everything has dried, cover glued buttons with another layer of glue.

If necessary, to strengthen the construction you can use the fourth layer of glue (after dries third layer).

8. Carefully cut the tail of the ball, so that the air slowly began to come out.

If necessary, get rid of excess dried glue with scissors.