How to make kinetic sand for children with their own hands.

Great demand among parents of young children enjoy kinetic sand. It is soft, uniform and colored in different colors. It does not crumble as much as ordinary sand, and it’s easy and fun to play with toy forms. Meanwhile, you can make kinetic sand yourself. How exactly and what you need, see the detailed step-by-step instructions.


For work you will need:

    • shallow sea or river sand;
    • owdered corn starch;
    • qualitative and transparent soap;
    • food coloring;
    • ordinary water;
    • bowl;
    • baking sheet;
    • measuring cup;
    • measuring spoon.

Step 1. First, prepare the sand. Initially, sift it through a fine sieve to get rid of large debris. After lay it evenly on the tray. The height of the layer should not exceed 2 in (5 cm).

Step 2. Preheat the oven to 80 degrees Celsius. Send it a baking sheet with sand.

Step 3. The baking time should be about half an hour, with the oven door slightly open. If during the temperature processing the sand will be lost by a lump or strongly stick to the bottom of the baking sheet, be sure to mix it.

Step 4. Remove the sand from the oven and allow it to cool for 20 minutes. Heat treatment of sand is necessary to remove excess moisture from it.

Step 5. Take a measuring glass filled with sand to the brim, and pour it into a large bowl. If necessary, you can take a larger volume of sand. Then, based on the above measures, increase the proportions of the other components.

Step 6. Send a tablespoon of cornstarch to the sand. Stir the ingredients thoroughly until smooth.

Step 7. With the same measuring cup that you used for sand, measure the water. You will need 1 glass. Pour water into the container more.

Step 8. Send 1 teaspoon of liquid soap into the water. Stir well the soap solution.

Step 9. Prepared mortar should be dyed. Send the food coloring powder to it. The darker the tone of the water in the tank, the brighter and more saturated the sand you will get.

Step 10. Gently pour the prepared water into a bowl with sand and starch. Thoroughly mix everything.

Sand knead like a dough. Do this until the mixture stops sticking to your hands.

Step 11. If the desired consistency can not be reached and the sand is too liquid, you can add a little starch or sand to it, if too dry – pour a soap solution into it.

If you want to make it softer, add a little flour to the sand and starch in the bowl. A tablespoon will be enough.

Kinetic sand is ready!