Pillow-toys for kids

Creating a children’s decorative pillows bring a lot of pleasant moments of joint efforts with the children, give them funny buddies that will be the child’s favorite toys and stylish details of nursery.

Of course, the store has many beautiful decorative pillows, cushions, toys but by pillows made by you will be out of competition.

On such a lovely cloud child will dream only the most beautiful dreams.

To make it you need: to draw clouds pattern, cut it to two parts of the body. Sew them together, do not forget to sew made beforehand feet in shoes. Eyes and mouth can be embroidered stalk seam or paint marker and stick cheeks.

By the same simple technology can do such a soft toy and original pillow in the form of guitar for your little ‘stars’. Strings are obtained if using sewing machine stitch contrasting color thread on parallel lines. A pre-cut letters of the name of the child can be before sewing pillows stick to guitar.

Favorite books of kids prompt ideas for making pillows-toys.

These funny orthopedic headrests in the gift for kids can sew with older children.

Modern technologies allow to print on fabric any image. This pillow toy cat, with a portrait of your pet, in contrast to the present, will not scratch the baby, and you can play with it as you want.

Printing on fabric makes it possible to create a cushion with various images of animals or favorite cartoon characters.

If such a fun zoo dwell in your nursery there will be a lot of joy. The children themselves will come up with what the character is still possible to sew.

Maybe it will be funny characters from Japanese animation is housed in a baby cot?

Pillows-toys decorate the interior of child and make the company to a child.

  • Jessie Chapman

    Nice idea! I especially like the guitar!