A tree out of a paper bag. Easy and fun crafts for kids

Looking for simple crafts to enjoy your kid? Try to make a paper tree. In advance to collect dry leaves (preferably Oak), red berries, Maple seeds, 3 acorn hats. The trunk will perform from an ordinary paper bag. That tree was more resilient, will need a bit of clay.

Package need to turn inside out so that it did not have any inscriptions or logos. Turn off the tube, the foundation specifically reserve the enhanced – here we will strengthen plasticine for weighting. Top package into several broad bands-this would be the branches, each braid twists and turn down. Oak leaves and branches to fasten a maple seed using plasticine or clay. It is best to form a small “bouquets” to Crown became more lush.


Fix plasticine or glue, then move on to the next branch. Once the Crown is formed, you can make a smiley face for a tree. For the eyes and the nose will need acorn hats: in eyes fix on berry rowans (on clay), the mouth can be made from berries or red clay.