How to make fun soft octopus toy with their hands

Beautiful and original homemade toys – it is quite simple. For example, today we will quickly and easily make beautiful and fun toy with their hands. Your baby will appreciate your efforts and will be thankful for this fun octopus.

You will need:

  • Fleece(squere);
  • Styrofoam ball;
  • Molyneux;
  • Ribbons;
  • Felt;
  • Thread;
  • Glue.

Wrap the ball into the fabric. Note about the length of the remaining fleece.

Remove the ball towards the edge of the square and cut to ribbons (6 ribbons on each side). Cut the corners of the square.

Re-wrap the ball. Fasten thread.

Weave braids (3 ribbons in each). Total should get 8 braids. Tie beautiful bows at the ends.

Make eyes from felt. Cut out two small white circles, glue blue and black. Then glue finished eyes to the head of the octopus.

Embroider mouth with the usual thread.

Optionally, from a piece of fabric sew a handkerchief.

Done! Our handmade toy is ready!