Make your own funny cat of corks, wire and threads. A simple souvenir

Today I’ll show you how you can easily and quickly make a nice yellow cat from ordinary corks from wine and yellow threads. This toy is a great gift for friends and relatives, and it could be a great keychain.

To work, we would need two corks from wine, knife, wire and thread.

Take one of the wine corks and attach with a knife into a ball. This will be the head of our cat.

Then cut six small pieces of wire. One of the pieces of wire poke through ball from wine corks.

Thread winding future head of our toys

Of the remaining wire forming cat paws and tail.

Connect the head and body of our animal and all winding thread.

Glue pieces of fishing line to the head, it will be our cat whiskers. It remains only to draw a face and our handmade cat is completed. Because the cat’s legs are made of wire, it can be given any position. 

This simple toy will look great on your car’s dashboard.