Mother’s day craft ideas for kids: handmade cards

Any kid can easily make this card. If you’re looking for simple mother’s day craft ideas for kids, then you should try to make such a card. In the end we’ll have a beautiful vase with a flower that will never fade.

We’ll need construction paper, sticks, stems, parchment paper and scissors. Fold the cardboard in half and cut with scissors the middle. We get pocket that we can also bend backwards.

Cut circles out of paper – the future buds. Fold them in the middle and pierces wand. Bend the end of the wand to the Bud from falling apart. To stay well, twist a couple of times with your hands, press firmly.

In large parts of the cardboard, draw the vase and insert inside the flower (an odd number)! Let this mother’s day craft ideas for kids will give joy to your mom.)))