Simple and fun kids paper craft ideas: dogs and cats appliques from newspapers

Today I want to talk about simple and fun kids paper craft ideas. Author Denise Fiedler makes very cute appliques from old Newspapers. Her paper crafts are so simple and interesting, and feasible even for little ones. Now, let’s consider the technique of execution.

Paper crafts and Newspapers

A wonderful artist Denise Fiedler had a successful career as an interior designer, not stopping there, creates paper crafts and successfully selling them. Felling a special love for old printed books and Newspapers, their fancy fonts and yellowed pages, in this age of electronic publications, she has found a way to give old books a new life. From their colorful pages she created a series of unusual and very emotional work dedicated to Pets.

Just look, what a wonderful dog out of paper, can be implemented in applications technique. It is a snap!

The author uses to manufacture their papers, scraps of old Newspapers and pieces of colored paper. Carefully cutting out every detail and gathering the composition, she gets wonderful portraits of dogs and cats. Each animal has its own character and mood.

In addition, these original paper crafts ideas for kids can be a great reason to gather the whole family and warm home atmosphere to have a fun evening, creating a portrait of a pet.

The paper application technique is considered to be a quite simple and feasible in the performance even for small kids.

Just look at this playful and smiling terrier, such a naughty dog made of paper can be a great decoration for a child’s room.

And what a charming and charismatic pug we get, it seems that he will jump out and begin to lick it all!

The cat can also become the inspiration for creating crafts or appliques made of paper. A little effort and patience, and here’s a portrait of a siamese cat is ready!

You see how important and serious cat from Newspapers looking at you!

Paper will allow you to exactly display the favorite color and mischievous nature of your cat. INT

Such simple and very lively images created from Newspapers, can be a wonderful decoration for the veterinary clinic, diverting the attention of customers from worrying about their pets.

And finally, I want to say that the application is very simple and versatile technique that allows you to make original paper crafts with kids.