Simple DIY: ideas and photos for DIY cardboard

How to captivate and entertain your child without spending too much effort and money? In fact, there are many simple crafts that you can do today. Be creative and play along with us!

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If you get a lot of cardboard, you can’t every day to come up with interesting lessons and create incredibly creative atmosphere in the house.

Cardboard world

“Cardboard» topic is much more extensive than it may seem at first glance. Cardboard is not just unnecessary boxes from your TV or fridge, is the whole world! If you get a lot of cardboard, you can’t every day to come up with interesting lessons and create incredibly creative atmosphere in the house. Such creativity will surely suit the tastes of both children and parents. Besides this leisure does not require large material costs: you can use any kinds of boxes, construction paper, drawing materials and craft, as well as all available materials, which come to mind.

What exactly can you do with cardboard? A few examples:

  • cut flat and three-dimensional figures and blanks,
  • paint and draw cardboard to build houses, castles, rockets, birdhouses, and even labyrinths.
  • Create the conditions for role-playing games with a cardboard gas stoves and washing machines.
  • Do a little DIY and build giant structures.
  • Make doll houses and theatres.

All of this in our today’s collection, as well as some practical advice!

5 cardboard ideas

  1. Materials for the decoration of cardboard crafts: colored duct tape, pencils, paint, markers, felt, ribbon, fabric, wallpaper, paper for scrapbooking, paper clips and many other.
  2. Use wide color tape to connect the joints of the cardboard house. For decoration you can also use thin decorative adhesive tape with various interesting prints. Where to buy: office supply or hardware stores, shop for creativity.
  3. Special paper for scrapbooking is perfect as wallpaper in a Dollhouse. But for larger homes you can use strips of Wallpaper that are left after the repair.
  4. Use white paint to paint cardboard. This will give it a minimalistic and stylish look. Therefore, the cardboard can be represented by the snow, clouds, snowflakes and come up with a great winter story.
  5. Bake the cookies: cut the cardboard circles, glue a layer of felt or colored paper and sprinkle the paper with a baby or small buttons. Design of cookies you can think for yourself. All the steps can be performed together with the child or give him / her to play pastry chef, providing in advance all the blanks.

+ 7 cardboard ideas

  1. And here is a very simple recipe: take a small box, glue or paint in different colors and paint the windows. This is an option for the laziest of parents, since there is no need to cut out the Windows and to create complex shapes! This way you can quickly and easily make an entire city of houses of different sizes.
  2. You can pre-cut out flat simple presets to give the child a task to paint them. It could be a horse on a stick, vegetables and fruits, ice cream and cake, animals, fish.
  3. Using normal black marker to draw and cut out the road markings, pedestrian crossings, signs and traffic participants. This song perfectly fits the houses, trees and animals, which are also in our collection.
  4. Many of the crafts can be constructed from rolls of toilet paper. For example, make them of trees and then in a free form paint or draw different materials.
  5. In a small, flat box, hang curtains, take the figures on the sticks/ropes or any small toys and run a play. Fun and no long preparations.
  6. Organize a fun photo zone for children’s birthday party. You can cut and color like small attributes of the photo shoot (mustaches, hats, glasses, crowns), and full-length figures.
  7. Great idea — a Board game out of cardboard with their hands. For example, Domino or memory game.

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  • Rory G

    As much as I like the ideas, I’m really missing the references, the hyperlinks to the original posts. First of all, if I spot an idea, it would be nice to find instructions. Secondly (more important in my opinion) I think the original designers deserve the credit. Could you please add the original references?