Simple preschool crafts: 3 cool Ideas for making a boat

Preschoolers love making different crafts. How about an elegant ships? Spend a little time and your child will become the creator of luxury frigate (of course with your help).
Here’s what you can do with bottle corks.

A similar craft is a snap to make. Simply glue three or more bottle caps together with the help of superglue, add the mast out of toothpicks and sail.

You can tie a piece of rope from the coil to your boat. In this case, the baby will not lose the boat

But what a nice boat you can make with walnut shells.

To make such a boat you must first carefully crack a walnut into 2 equal halves and clean it.

Light a candle, then drip the wax into the shell.

While the wax in the shell in liquid form, insert a toothpick, which will serve as the mast of the ship.

When the wax hardens, you can decorate the ship. For example, add a paper flag or sail.

And here is how to DIY a boat from branches of trees.