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Handmade House for Barbie

What girl doesn’t love dolls? As you know dolls love tea party. In addition, Barbie needs a comfortable house. Make it with …

Animals out of paper

Give your child a joy. Print out these pictures and cut them out with scissors. After you call your child and make …

Holiday decorations

Holiday decorations are feast for the children and adults. Bright decorative elements will attract attention and fascinate you and your guests.

Original table Napkins

Festive table should look especially. Fold the napkin in an unusual way and you will surprise your guests.

Candy bouquet

Candy lover will be excited to receive bouquet made with sweets. Making this gift would not require much time and effort but …

Origami Jedi Master Yoda

“A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.” This origami is really special. Maybe it’s a great gift …