Hese bracelets made of strips of paper

These bracelets made of strips of paper really like children and even – I suspect – many adults. Thought this crafts are not brand new, and yet I will write a detailed memo on how to do it.

We need:

1. Useful colored paper of different colors, pretty compacted to ‘keep the shape’, ruler, pencil and scissors or knife stationery. We shall cut multicolored stripes 3 x12 cm (1.25×5 in). For the bracelet on the child’s need to handle about 18 such strips. By the way, you can use much less bandwidth and with an aspect ratio of 1: 4, but then they come in handy more (unless you change your mind and decide to make a bracelet for gnome).

2. Fold each strip in half lengthwise, then crosswise – this will be our piece. We expand the workpiece so that they feel comfortable taking.

3. Insert one workpiece to another so that got shaped as letters T. And one beam to be shorter and create a ‘loop’. The length of the loops to be more sensitive than the width of the workpiece.

4. Peel back ends of the inner preform outwardly and downwardly at a right angle.

5. And then bend the ends so that they coincide with the outer blank on both sides.

7. Take new procurement and insert it in a loop, which we did on step 3 is passed so that it, too, came out of the loop.

8. Now bend the ends of the new blank out at right angles.

9. Then peel back so that they overlap to a previous piece.

10. Attention … Neatly tuck the ends under the previous piece. It is clear how to do next? Well done!

12. Then repeat steps 8 to 10.

13. So long as the length of the bracelet will not be sufficient to you, your child or a dwarf, if you do decide to do for him.

14. Now the ends of the first workpiece is passed at the last loop bracelet.

15. Unbend them out.

16. Is bent at a right angle, bend again later and put on the last link.

17. Refill tips and bracelet … ready!

You can even make a crown, but there really have to sweat, because the head is a little (well, very little) more extensive wrist.