How to DIY simple flower crafts of paper with children

Children love simple and beautiful crafts. Today we will learn how to make a colorful bouquet of very realistic and beautiful flower crafts of paper.

We need:

  • green wire;
  • clippers;
  • buttons;
  • decorative green ribbon;
  • Paper coffee filters;
  • scissors;
  • Watercolors;
  • jar with water (disposable cups with water).

1. Take the paper filter from the coffee and folds it in half several times to make triangle.

2. Use scissors to cut off the tip of the triangle.

3. Dip our ‘triangle’ in the prepared water with paints. We only need a little touch up flower. In the same way paint all the buds. Next, we give a day to dry bud.

4. In the unfolded form bud should look like this.

5. Next: fasten the wire, see picture.

6. For the one flower we need 6 layers.

7. Use green ribbon to wrap the wire.

Flower crafts of paper ready!