How to make unique flower bouquets with spring mood

Spring… Colorful lights of flower filled meadows and flower beds. To pick a flower – pity, but you can easily make unique flower bouquets with their own hands! Let’s make this fun bouquet and at the same time improve the mood yourself and friends.

You can easily make a spring bouquet . You will need: double-sided colored paper (cardboard), mesh for colors, bright tape, markers, glue, scissors, craft knife.

1. Draw simple flower-pattern on a blank sheet of paper. Cut out flower with scissors.

2. Fold in half piece of colored paper, trace the template and cut out two identical flower. Take paper sheets of other colors and just cut out two flowers from each of them.

3. Cut out a circle from the white paper – it is the middle of a flower. Use office knife to engrave mouth. Gluing circle to flower, you will see that it will have the mouth of the same color as the flower itself. You also can to draw mouth with marker. Use black marker to draw eyes. Slightly bend the petals

4. Now we form the plant itself. Take a thin strip of green or gray cardboard and glue it between flowers of the same color – it’s stalk.

Done? Good For You! And now make many of these flowers and glue them at the bottom of the legs.

5. Fold the green paper in half, cut out the leaves. Fold line – it’s the middle of leaf. Now use scissors to make fringe as shown below.

Unfold the paper and glue leaves to the flowers. Now you can decorate this unique flowers bouquet: use beautiful ribbons and wrapping mesh.

Yay! Funny bouquet is ready to give spring mood.

unique flower bouquets