Preschool crafts for kids: Paper rocket with their hands

Most of the toys that children like, it is easy to make with their hands. For example, this paper rocket. Simple preschool crafts for kids it is very fun and exciting. This paper rocket is not only a toy – it is also a great way to demonstrate Newton’s second law, which states that force equals mass multiplied by acceleration. The relationship between these variables set as follows: assuming that the force constant and the mass increases, the acceleration starts to fall, and Vice versa, if the mass decreases, acceleration increases. Making different rockets and launching them, children can see how physical laws are implemented in practice. The design of these missiles is so simple that even the smallest one’s will can make such a crafts.


To create paper rockets with their hands prepare:

  • Scotch;
  • scissors;
  • wide plastic tube for beverages;
  • cardboard card;
  • strip paper, 20.5 x 10 cm (8 x 4 in)

Step 1. Take a paper strip, a specified length and width, and attach the tape as shown in the pictures. On prepared paper will lay out a straw. Please note, it should be straight, without bends. For the convenience of the tube length must be larger than the rectangle of paper.

Step 2. Wrap the paper around the workpiece tube. Fasten the outer seam tape. Please note, the tube should not stick to the paper cylinder, it needs to easily slide inside.

Step 3. Flatten one end of the paper cylinder. Fold the paper received the corners, forming a cone. Attach the resulting shape a small piece of duct tape. Make sure that this end of the rocket was thick and through it passed the air.

Step 4. Now we need to cut triangular blades of rockets from cardboard. Attach them to the basis of already existing paper blanks. For mounting, use the tape.

Now the rocket is ready to launch. Please note, the children in this project can Express their imagination and to experiment not only with the coloring of missiles, but also with the form of the blades.