Fabric crafts ideas

There are plenty of fabric crafts ideas, but perhaps the simplest and most interesting are the flowers and butterflies.

We just need to have certain tools that can be found in any stationery store.

Here you will find just a small part of the original fabric crafts ideas that you can make with their hands. A good idea is to introduce children to interesting needlework

DIY fabric roses

You will need:

  • a strip of fabric 50 cm (1 ft 7 in) long. For a bouquet prepare a few strips of different colors;
  • Iron;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • brush;
  • hot glue (superglue);
  • pin;

1. If you have prepared some strips for a bouquet of flowers from fabric, each strip should be folded in half and ironed in the crease. 

2. Unfold the strip and make the firmware stitches (see image). Stitch length of about 1.3 cm (0.5 in) At the end leave a piece of thread length of about 5 cm (2 in).

3. Again, fold in half and with scissors cut a wavy line at the ends.


4. Sew along the wavy part.

5. Pull the left piece of thread to pull the workpiece. You should get such a detail, from which you will gather the flower.

6. Prepare a thin brush and wrap several times around your workpiece. Touch up to form a flower. 

7. Fasten the right place with glue and hold the flower until the glue dries.

8. It remains to make some similar flowers to the bouquet that the bottom can be wrapped with a cloth and secure it with a pin.

* Brushes can be cut to desired length.


Fabric flower (master class)

How to make fabric butterfly. Option 1.

How to make fabric butterfly. Option 1.

Denim flowers with their hands. Option 1.

You will need:

  • denim fabric;
  • scissors;
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • a compass or small circular objects to trace;
  • hot glue (or superglue);
  • glue stick;

1. Draw circle on the denim and cut it out.

2. From the paper cut the stencils for future petals. Make 4 sizes and for each prepare 4 petals.

3. Place the stencil on the fabric and cut out several petals.

4. Apply a line of glue a few inches from the edges of the cut out circle and start to glue the larger petals around the circle, making an accordion at the base of each petal (see image).

5. Continue to glue layers of petals staggered, holding each until the glue dries.

6. To prepare the center of the flower, you need to cut several petals of different sizes.

7. The base of each petal must stick together in an accordion. To do this, first apply a strip of glue and then fold the accordion. Attach a pin and make several of these petals.

* Continue to build new layers of the flower, as there will be a place for midway.

8. Prepare a small piece of denim, roll it into a tube and glue it to the foundation and glue in the center of the flower.

Denim fabric flower with their hands. Option 2.

Making of flowers from fabric

More fabric crafts ideas: cute flowers for interior decoration

You will need:

  • cotton fabric (120 cm long);
  • felt;
  • cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • hot glue;
  • iron;
  • scissors
  • pins.

1. Prepare the fabric and make one cut at 5 cm (2 in) from the edge (along the fabric).
2. From the first cut, measure 2.5 cm (1 in) and make another cut.


3. Using the first incision tear off a piece of cloth. This next piece is not needed, so you can put it away.

4. With a second incision tear off another strip – the size will be 2.5×120 cm. We will use this piece to make a socket.

5. Now need to trim the edge strips.


6. The next strip should be folded in half along the length, and cut 2 strips along the fold to form two pieces of fabric measuring 2.5 x 60 cm. Each piece will be a cute flower.

7. Take one strip, fold it in half and iron.


8. Prepare the cardboard and cut it into a strip size 1.75×30 cm

9. Using pins attach the edge of strips to the edge of the cardboard and start wrapping the cardboard as shown in the image. 

10. The other end of the strip also fasten with a pin.


11. Slide the iron along the strip. Use pairs. After that, wait until the strip dries.

12. Remove pins and pull out the cardboard. Iron a strip again.


13. Put a pencil on the edge of the strip and start to wind on the fabric. When all the twist, remove the pencil and you will have a blank for the roses. 

14. Take the fingers of the inner edge of the coiled strip and turn it to the middle, and the outer edge of the strips attach to the bottom of the flower with a pin.


15. Iron socket at the top.


16. Prepare a piece of felt and glue it to your workpiece. When the glue is dry, remove the pin.

* The flower is a little pin to it did not get the glue.


17. Iron socket with steam and wait for it to cool.


18. Cut the felt around the flower.

* If you wish, you can glue a bead in the center of the flower, for example.


19. Now you can decorate a piece of finished flower. You can also attach the flower to the pin.

I hope you will benefit from these fabric craft ideas.