Interesting flower crafts: Spherical flowers “Billy Buttons”

Bouquet of these “flowers” can perfectly decorate the interior. Bright color adds freshness, joy, and hints of coming spring.   You can easily construct such a composition for only half an hour.

You will need:

  • Painted yellow coat.
  • Bowl of hot water;
  • A Cup of cold water;
  • Liquid soap;
  • Decorative wire.

To roll one ball, you will need only a couple of minutes. Removes a certain amount of wool as shown below.

Apply a small amount of soap.

Slightly formed a round shape and dip a ball in hot water.

Having dipped, immediately take it out and start rolling the ball with palms. Roll carefully, without strong compression. Slightly rolled wool, dip ball in cold water (this time the coat can be kept in water). Then submerge the balloon in hot water. Such a sharp change of temperature “shock” the fibers and improves the quality of felting.

Continue rolling the wool between the palms, gradually increasing the pressure. When the ball becomes thick, lay it aside and proceed to the next felting.

Spherical flowers “Billy Buttons”

All the balls are left to dry for 24 to 48 hours.

The dried balls strung on a decorative wire. The stems of some of the “flowers” you need to bend slightly, it will give a sense of the weight of the flower and the arrangement will look more natural and prettier.

Good for you! Flowers craft is ready!