11 Useful DIY tips to solve everyday problems

In everyday life, you often encounter small problems that can be easily solved by applying ingenuity. This selection of useful tricks will help you solve the most vexing problems of everyday life.

1. In order to carry on work or study sandwiches, you may use unnecessary box of CD’s.

2. Water will not overflow the pot after boiling, if you put a long wooden spoon on top of the pot.

3. To enhance the sound of your iphone, you can use a simple trick: make homemade speakers from … the roll of toilet paper.

We need:

  • Cardboard core from a roll of toilet paper;
  • Two power button;
  • Knife and Scissors;
  • Pencil;
  • Coloured paper;
  • Clay.

Sequence of work:

Place iphone to its cardboard base to measure the size of the hole.

With a knife, cut a rectangular hole.

As the supporting mechanism using two power buttons, which slide in the lower part of the cardboard base. You can try to stick buttons in different locations to determine what position is the most stable.

4. If you want to check whether the battery charge, throw it on the floor from a height of about 6 in (15 cm). If it bounces off the floor only once, then charge it still is, if more than once, it means that the battery is low.

5. In order to extension cord is not disconnected from the appliance cord, tie a knot in the cord both:

6. In order to disguise the scratches and damage to wooden furniture, rub them with shelled walnuts.

7. A great idea to protect yourself from thieves on the beach: put all the valuable stuff in the empty net bottle of sunscreen. However, thieves can steal bottle of cream, so do not leave valuables unattended on the beach at all.

8. To increase the luminosity of a small flashlight, attach it to a clear plastic bottle with water.

9. Use your smartphone as a GPS navigator. If you do not want to buy a separate attachment, you can use an ordinary rubber band.

10. If it is difficult to open the lid of a jar, use old tennis ball – cut it to take advantage of the inner rubber layer, which will provide a good grip.

11. Attach wipes with some flavor to the fans to fill the room with a pleasant smell.