How to DIY Handmade lighting from beer bottles

You can make an original decor for parties using such an unusual material as a beer bottle. These interior handmade lightings looks very interesting.  You can easily and quickly make this craft.


For the manufacture of handmade lighting of the beer bottle we need:

  • empty beer bottles;
  • knife for cutting glass;
  • wires;
  • chuck;
  • small incandescent lamp;
  • wide candle.

Step 1. Remove beer bottle label carefully, and wash it inside and outside, and after dry. Cut the bottle with a knife for glass cutting. The cut clean from the glass dust. To protect your hands, use thick gloves.

Step 2. Take the top of the bottle and thread the cables through the neck.

Step 3. Connect the cables to the cartridge. All connectors connect tightly and closely. Place the bulb cartridge in the neck of the bottle after you attach the light bulb. The cartridge must be in makeshift shade very tightly – it is important because we need to protect bulb in bottle from the wind or mechanical effects.

Step 4. Hang the handmade lighting and plug it in. Special effect can be achieved if you use light bulbs simulate fire

Step 5. Bottom of the bottle will also be useful: take wide and low candle and light it. It will be a candlestick.