How to DIY ‘The Solar System’ of wool with their own hands

You can make original mobile with the planets of the Solar system. The main method of manufacturing the planets – felting wool, but today we will several techniques.


To make ‘Solar System’ with their hands we need:

  • wool for felting;
  • polystyrene balls of various sizes;
  • needle felting;
  • film with bubbles or nylon tights;
  • patterns of the planets;
  • liquid soap;
  • water;
  • towel for drying;
  • floristic wire;
  • pliers.

Step 1. Making of Pluto

To make Pluto, take Styrofoam ball with a diameter of 3.5 cm (1.4 in). Beginners should start work with this planet, because it is small, and correct flaws or completely redo the work in case of errors will be easier.

Take white wool – it will be the basic of Pluto. Then we should add light blue wool.

Carefully wrap the ball with a piece of white wool. Do not take it much, otherwise the work will look sloppy. Ball, wrapped wool, wet with hot water. The water will soften the fiber material. Add a few drops of liquid soap and start to press wool to the ball. Do not stretch it over the ball, otherwise the planet will be wrapped in an uneven layer. Add some blue wool and for several minutes gently roll the ball in hands. After the switch valve on the cold water. If the structure of the coat after these manipulations is still loose, repeat step with hot water.

Gently pat the ball with a towel, removing any excess fluid.

Step 2. Making of Mercury

With Mercury work a little easier. The ball will also need a 3.5 cm (1.4 in) diameter. Felted it is also necessary, but the coat color should be gray.

Step 3. Making of Venus

Venus in color uniform, so we have to decide on a basic color and additional colors. Since the distribution of colors on the planet is quite vague, distribute contrasting wool fibers in the same way. That they during felting not slipped, use nylon tights. Fit planet and after felting carefully remove tights. Note that the individual fibers will cling to, so we will correct them.

Step 4. Making of Mars

For Mars we need to take brown wool and foam ball with a diameter of 5 cm (2 in). This will be the base color. Wrap the wool around the ball and shape it into a wet felting technique. Ice cap of Mars and the characteristic transverse stripes of darker colors make in the technique of dry felting. You will need a needle. Use it to press wool into the surface of the planet. So you can distribute the material very accurately. It is much more difficult to form such a precise patterns using wet felting.

To smooth the sharp transitions and align the texture of the planet, finish its formation using soap and water.

Step 5: Making of the Earth

Earth needs to be formed as Mars to accurately move the continents and clouds. As a basic color use the blue.

Step 6: Making of Uranus

For Uranus take blue and green wool. Combine felting techniques, seeking similarities of this planet

Step 7. Making of Neptune

The planet Neptune has a blue color with a purple hue. Use wool of this color as a base and wrap it foam ball with a diameter of 7 cm (2.8 in). Use needle to make blue specks. Complete the formation of the product in wet felting technique.

Step 8. Making Of Saturn

Making of Saturn is more complicated. First, we need the ball diameter of 14 cm (5.6 in), and secondly, we need to make a ring. Base color is yellow, additional shades – white and brown wool. In this case we using the technique of wet felting.

Use same colors of the wool to make Saturn’s rings. At first, they should be felted using needles. And only after the shape of the rings will be ready, it will need to hone under water.

After felting, sew ring in a circle, to strengthen them.

Step 9. Making of Jupiter

Jupiter – is the largest planet. We need the ball diameter of 17 cm (6.7 in) and a children’s tights. Socks will not work, as the ball simply will not fit. Assemble the ball in different way will be very difficult. Jupiter colors – white, brown, red and yellow.

Step 10. Making of Mobile

To gather mobile, take floristic wire. Cut it into pieces and put each of them through the center of the planets. At the ends of the wire bend in the loop. Complete mobile, positioning planets correctly.