How to make your own “Iron Throne” and put on it your phone

In the series ‘Game of Thrones’ a lot of loyal fans for whom their own ‘Iron Throne’ will be the best gift for any occasion. You can easily make this hack for your friends or for yourself (why not)

All the action of the books ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and the series ‘Game of Thrones’ revolves around the Iron Throne, sit on which to many, not hesitating to do this apply dirty methods and intrigue.

We are in our creativity and use only the image on the stand for your phone ‘Iron Throne’ will sit just your smartphone. So go ahead!

At the beginning of the pieces of foam cut a throne, so that the seat has a recess for the phone. Periodically, wielding a knife stationery, check its shape and fit with your phone.

The result should behold such a creation. Install it on any stand and stick it to it. We still need it. Do not be afraid that it’s pink, it’s just yet.

Now we need to make a lot of rubber strips, the edges of which is necessary to cut a wedge, like a sharp sword. Papered these strips our phone stand ‘Iron Throne.’

The Iron Throne is made of hundreds of swords. If suddenly you have no miniature nastoyaschihmechey, you can use plastic skewers for canapes. This material is more common.

The final step is to paint the throne and base of cartridge in the black. Homemade stand for phone ready!


Phone stand for the Iron Throne, made with your own hands is the perfect gift for any fan of George Martin or series “Game of Thrones”