New life for old things: Useful crafts of cans

Why throw away the tin cans if you can reuse them in the house. You have the chance to show imagination, creativity and look at things with fresh eyes.

1. Handmade organizer for office supplies.

Pens, pencils, rulers, all sorts of trinkets and other things take up too much space on the table and permanently lost. Make the organizer of canning jars, you decorate it and keep there any small things from the table.


2. Garden lights.

You plan to holiday in a country house, but don’t know where to get the lights. Use your old tins, do lamps and place them between the trees. In this way, you’ll create a cozy atmosphere that is fun for your guests.


3. Flower pots.

In this case, the options can be set. One of the most striking examples is the option with clothes pegs. Attach clothespins around banks, decorate them or paint. Do whatever you want, only it is pot turned out beautiful.


4. Storage cutlery.

Of several cans of canned vegetables and tablets will be a very stylish stand for cutlery.


5. Drums.

Delight your child. Take a few cans, pull onto the jar, hot-air balloons and secure them with a rubber band. Delight your child will not be boundaries.


6. Pot.

This is a great solution for the garden. Take the cans, apply a little glue on the surface, wind a brute with a rope, and the pot is ready.