Suspended tray for charging cell phone made of bottle of shampoo

Smartphone makers got into the habit of doing impossibly short charging cords. Sometimes the cable is so short that lacks even the floor. Because of this, the phone is charged a hanging position.

Fortunately, this problem is easily solved. You can make a homemade tray. Tray clings to the charger and the phone is placed inside it.

We need:

  • plastic bottle of shampoo,
  • scissors,
  • adhesive tape for decoration.

Thoroughly rinse the bottle of shampoo. Remove all traces of detergent. Then draw a line of cutting

Cut out the tray using scissors

We clean sharp edges with sandpaper. Stick the self-adhesive and cut all unnecessary parts.

В Now no one will hook the cable and rechargeable smart phone will not fall to the floor..