15 brilliant ideas for reusing old things

I suggest you to be inspired by these ideas and the next time when you want to throw away something useless, don’t forget to turn on your imagination – it will help you to find new way to use old things.

1. Chandelier made from bicycle parts

2. Broken children’s trampoline can turn into a wigwam

3. The Bookshelf of Piano

4. Fireplace from sea mines

5. Fountain of Piano

6. The kit of old suitcases

7. Hanging bed of the boat

8. Table of jet engine

9. Second life of baby cot

10. Aquarium of the piano

11. Cat’s bed made of a suitcase

12. Swing of skate

13. The chair of the hangers

14. The hooks of the bottles

15. Heating of the old baths