Best contemporary art ideas: «live» handmade toys

Works of a young and talented contmpropaty artist Maria Santani from Moscow known not only in Russia. Big ears, expressive eyes and charming smile… These «live» handmade toys seem to look into your soul and ask into your home! Sources of inspiration for these contemporary art ideas are nature, books, movies. Each handmade toy is unique.

Santani makes unique handmade toys, they’re adorable…

…and frightening at the same time.

Artist uses a mixed technique for contemporary art ideas: combines textiles and pieces from the doll plastic.

Handmade toys from the series “My little dragon”

On average, the creation of such dolls takes from 2 weeks to 2 months (depending on the size and complexity of the work).

Toys have a soft body made of faux fur and plastic face and limbs.

Series of toys “Inari Foxes”

Santani started making toys at age 15. And this despite the fact that she has no artistic education, so all contemporary art ideas are realized on the basis of their own experience.