Decorative composition ‘Little Garden’

Usually we plant house plants in pots usual expressionless. But if you use a silent fantasy and diligence, the most humble houseplant can be arranged so that the emotion from your friends capture the spirit. We offer you instead of the standard pots to make just such a picturesque composition ‘Little Garden’

We will need

• pots whole and chopped;

• ground;

• glue;

• wooden plank;

• plants;

• cat (not required).

First make up the composition of the split pots. It all depends on what kind of pieces you have in your possession. Our pieces perfectly formed as below.

Now we need to fill all with the ground.

Chips small wedges from plank, they will be stepping stones.

Cat carefully inspects our work.

put a pot with a potted plant upstairs.

Small plants are planted in the soil around the center.

Close chipped part of the pot with mesh. Now the ground will not crumble.

Now you can install doors, fences and other decorative elements.

‘Little Garden’ is ready.