DIY gardening: How to make “Tipsy Pots” with their hands

Any gardener will waive interesting ideas for garden? See how you can decorate your original plot pyramid of pots. You can make it for only half an hour.

You will need:

  • Flower pots;
  • Metal rod;
  • Earth;
  • Plants.

First you need to determine the location of future compositions. Then bury in the ground a metal rod.

If the rod was driven into the ground, then you need to saw off the top of the deformed part (it can prevent stick pots).

Put on the first pot (the largest).

Fill it with earth.

Put on next. The second pot is placed at an angle.

Fill it with earth.

Do the same thing with the other pots.

After all the planted pots filled with soil, it remains only to put plants in them.

Here’s what happened.

And that other examples of such DIY gardening: