Explosive Valentine’s Day gift for him. Multi-colored picture of wax

For the manufacture of paintings we need a canvas, colored wax crayons, glue, hair dryer.

1. Take the colored wax crayons. If necessary, remove protective cover.

2. Next, paste wax crayons at the top of the canvas. Colors can be alternated as you wish, or in accordance with the colors of the spectrum.

3. When the glue is dry, make sure that the pencils are held firmly on holste.Now we need to put the canvas vertically and send pencils on a jet of hot air from the dryer. Pencils will melt, creating a very beautiful picture.

4. You can change the angle of tilt and rotate the canvas to get intricate patterns

5. Put something under canvas to a drop of molten colored wax not slap the entire surface of the table or the floor. Old newspaper would be perfect.


6. After the process is necessary to give the picture a bit dry.