Creating of Advent calendar

Advent calendar is a very special gift. You don’t need wait for Valentine’s Day, Christmas or anniversary to give it to your important persons. Do it yourself today.
What is needed:

  • boxes from Kraft;
  • paper for wrapping and cards with numbers;
  • scissors, tape, glue;
  • ribbons, colored thread and twine;
  • cork board to be expanded and / or fix the box (optional);
  • kraft paper for packaging, unless you have a crafting boxes;
  • gifts));

Step 1 – gifts

As a gift for the calendar, I used to paint figures, puzzle, office stuff, plasticine eggs with surprise, clockwork toys, balloons, stickers, small cars. In addition, in every box I put a leaf with a mystery.

Step 2 – packaging

I already had finished boxes, so I had only expanded souvenirs and puzzles and pack. I used different variations of available paper, so you can alternating them to your taste. In some cases, when the gifts were more the size of the boxes, I used kraft paper. Just wrapped up in her gift and tied with twine.

Step 3 – Consolidation

After finishing with packaging, we can be expanded gifts on a cork board. If you want you can to fix them using double-sided tape and glue to hang on the wall. Voila, Advent calendar is ready!