Pictures of sea stones and drawings on the rocks

This a great idea of Handicrafts made from natural materials have long been loved by people of all ages – crafts from sea stones brought back from vacation. Favorite activity at sea, especially for children, is to collect sea stones. From beautiful stones you can make handmade crafts and pictures, that could be used in the interior.

You can just make up on the rocks amazing pictures – this very creative activity for children and parents can be done directly on the beach. Going on vacation simply get a regular set of artist’s acrylic paints.

The stone will come across you on the idea that it is better to make of it – relax and release your imagination. To draw these colorful tulips you need just a few colors of paint.

Glue the stones to the boards with glue gun. And to make small parts, such as stems, suitable polymer clay.

Cactus from stone is a simple hack for even the smallest.

Look at this beautiful Sunny city with small houses covered with tiles – perhaps it is the city by the sea, where you had a vacation.

Crafts from stones could be not only decorative but functional – just as this table lamp.

The author of these works Michela Bufalini makes especially beautiful portraits and stories with people. Interesting the idea of drawing on stone portrait, which is caricature and cartoon, the main thing is to capture the main features.

Wedding portrait of stones brought from honeymoon is a memorable handmade gift to the beginning of family life.

Images of lovers made of sea pebbles painted with acrylic look gorgeus..

Another flirty couple settled down near the tree and this is also a handmade picture of sea stones.

Each of us has around many friends, relatives, co-workers, fellow and students, which you can draw and put to the total collage “recognize yourself”.

I wish you enjoyable creativity and memorable moments with making of handmade crafts of stones.