What can be made out of glass jars: 15 ideas

Usually used glass jars were used for canning and food storage. Today they even served drinks and desserts. But there are other creative ways to use cans.

1. Photo frame

Who said that jar should only store products?

2. Candlestick

Floating candles are really appease

3. Sharpener

And you will forget about shaving around the house

4.The jar with “fireflies”

You only need banks and luminous colors

5. Bird feeder

Remember to feed feathered friends

6. Hives

Who’s going back home honey?

7. Torches

Torches – is a great way to decorate gazebo

8. Air freshener

Just a few ingredients and safe air freshener is ready

9. Terrarium

Bring a piece of nature to your home.

10. Glowing jar

Such jars are useful decorate the party.

11 Glowing lanterns

Wrap jars with colored paper and put a candle inside

12. Make romantic candlesticks with their hands

13. Handmade lightning from jars

14. Candles

15. Sewing kit

In jars it is convenient to store a variety of accessories, including sewing