How to transfer the image on the glass. Soulful souvenir

Use a memorable photo or just pretty pictures to get amazingly beautiful souvenirs. The work does not take long and you’ll want to do more glass with photos.


– Glass pebbles, polished water (or any other glass surface)

– Decoupage glue (in the example used Mod Podge)

– Brush

– Towel

– Photos electronically

– Laser Printer

Select the images and print them on a laser printer in the right size.

Please note
the photo should be mirrored, otherwise the image turn upside down.

Apply glue to decoupage onto the front side of the image.

Take a piece of glass (or glass surface) and attach a face to the glass processed photos. Press down and flatten the image, that there are no bubbles. Cut the extra edge, and then let it dry for about an hour.

When the glue for decoupage has dried up, take a wet towel and cover the image. Leave all the way to 10 minutes. This step is necessary to slightly moisten the surface to be treated and to facilitate the process of removing the top layer of paper.

Now, when the paper a bit soggy, start gently with a damp towel to clean off the top layer.

When remove all paper, again take the brush and apply another coat of decoupage glue on the glass surface with the translated image.

This step will help to consolidate the image on the glass surface.

Allow the glue to dry. Done! Good for you!