Another DIY idea: how to make handmade Ottoman

The most common automotive tires, you can make a very unusual and original Ottoman, which can double as a coffee table. Mainly automobile tyres used as land for summer-flower bed, in our case, it was found more practical use. Ottoman made of tires, would look great in a cottage Interior and city apartment. For external design padded stool you can use rope, as in our case, or some other material to come up with an interesting design.

Materials needed for the manufacture of handmade padded stools:

  • automobile tire,
  • two MDF (Medium Density Fiberboards) circles,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • fabric,
  • rope – 15 ft (5 m),
  • varnish,

and related tools: drill, screwdriver, 6 screws.

Before you begin, clean the splint dry cloth if it is dirty wash and allow to dry completely. Place one circle from the MDF on the bus and drill the three holes in various places, deeply penetrating into the rubber. Do the same thing with the back side.

Using screws and a screwdriver to secure the MDF to the bus, so it doesn’t come off, do this with the two parties

After work, you can begin to glue the rope. Please note that you should start from the Center.

Apply the adhesive to the surface of MDF, press the tip of the rope, and you touching the start coil the rope in the shape of a snail, not forgetting cause glue with each revolution.

Once you have covered the upper part of the rope, move to the lateral parts of the tyre.

Continue to glue the rope, leaving the bottom of padded stools intact.

After completion of the work, cut with scissors the remains of rope.

Turn ottoman, then if you want, you can apply a varnish. Apply with a brush, spray the first coat initially, and after drying the second. Leave the Ottoman to complete drying of the varnish.

Your homemade furniture is ready! Nice job! Also you can make simple ottoman of plastic bottles.