How to DIY your own Evergreen world

Create your own enchanted fairy world to eternal summer has always been with you

In normal terrariums used ‘live’ plants, but they are too much trouble, so we made a ‘dry’ terrarium with dry plants.

We need:

  • glass container (perhaps a small vase ‘aquarium’) or ordinary jar, that is at hand
  • a little earth or sand, only need to ensure that there were no insects
  • a few small pebbles
  • a piece of dry moss
  • ceramic mass / clay / plastic – material from which you will be comfortable and familiar mold
  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • various dried flowers, twigs and wood sticks

The first thing you need to – go to the forest to collect there all the necessary material: moss, twigs, sticks, cones, all sorts of forest treasures that you like.

Piece of moss better immediately clean and make sure that there are no bugs and spiders. The dry it.

Then pour in a glass bowl a bit of soil, laid the stones and our piece of moss.

in the forest we found this amazing mossy wand with some tiny plants and mushrooms. A microscopic magical city

Naturally, this wand is sent to our terrarium

And now sculpt ‘inhabitants’ of our little world. It will be a few mushrooms and house. I molded ceramic mass, because it, unlike plastic, do not need to be baked – it hardens in just 24 hours.

After drying they can be painted.

Well that’s all, our DIY terrarium is ready!