How to make your own container-pond

Make your own pond. It’s easy and fun. To begin select boards are roughly the same size and quality (you can clean them, remove the nails, etc., cover-impregnated). Prepare tools:

  • hammer,
  • screwdriver,
  • roulette,
  • level,
  • wood glue or adhesive,
  • self tapping screws.

    We construct a locker. By the way, you can use the old cabinet and is much easier to work. Dimensions are not amiss of any principled!

    Proceed to the waterproof container. You can cover the impregnation.
    For a perfect waterproof, you can:

    cover the entire inside surface of waterproof paint (e.g., latex or oil);

    Glue in plastic wrap, connecting joints with glue.
    By the way, the blue warp will give a beautiful hue of the water body.
    Put in container-pond contents: sand and shells, water plants and flowers, various beautiful shiny toys … The container can be multicellular.
    And here it is-our animated closet-pond!

    A pleasant stay and successful creative work!