Modern Living Room Interiors: the idea and implementation

Creating of any design project of living room begins with a desire to decorate the surrounding area and make it to cause a storm of emotions. Light, faint idea that it is only necessary to give tangible form, always circling somewhere nearby. Idea gently tells the intriguing combination of compositions, proportions, colors and others, quite unusual variations gradually reincarnated in a new plan of the designer. Feelings and moods radiated already at the stage of conception’s realization should wear bright color and cause a feeling of sweet comfort. Therefore designer listens carefully to its quiet whisper so as not to miss a single detail, and at the same time comply with all the basic principles.

Basic principles of realization of design projects

Development and implementation of Living room design projects are due to the creation of perfect solutions through a combination of a few basic principles.


Color is the main tool for the designer interaction with the project. The principle is based on the use of the correct colors by using contrast or similarity. In the first case there are several contrasting colors in the interior, in the second – the different shades of the same color. Designer focuses on style when determining range and thus picks up warm or cool colors. Also helps color accents, highlighting certain areas and parts of the composition. All this gives the living room a unique flavor.


Rhythm – that’s life, emotions, feelings. The main essence of this rule – to make interior design living room spectacular break the boring procedure and withdraw beyond the usual perception of life in it striped appearance.

Distinguish calm and restless rhythms that have a specific focus, such as horizontal or vertical. This can be repeated columns, arches, chairs, relief images on the walls, pictures and much more. Manifestations of rhythmic compositions may overlap and layered on top of each other, as well as dramatically change that attracts attention and becomes an important part of the whole design idea. Calm, balanced rhythm has its own order, but competent work of the designer is able to give it brightness. A little harder to achieve harmony with the asymmetry, but for the designer, nothing is impossible. This interior living room will be a real work of art and will be incredibly comfortable for creative and dynamic people.


Dimensions for doorways, windows, built-in cabinets and interior items must be in harmony, based on the selected style that makes its own rules. It’s worth noting that the proportionality is not only the size but also the quantitative indicators. The task of the designer – to experience this fine line between the ratio and size details, style, and to make this harmony in space, taking into account the tastes of home owners

Focus point

Each composition of living room must have center or focus point. In an embodiment of design such a center can be a dining table, a fireplace, a piano or music center around which the details revealed a complete picture of design.


Principles and nuances of implementation of the project so diverse that entail a requirement to correct their association in one concept. Regardless of the accents, colors, symmetry, and conventional boundaries – all the details of the interior should look as a whole. That unity, connecting elements, resulting the entire composition comes in a state of harmony and balance.

The combination of these simple rules will help you to realize very nice and comfortable design for your home.