Soulful handmade home décor. Arrangement of photos

Making walls using photos creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Someone makes collages, someone hanging on the wall frames with their favorite photos. Here’s another handmade decoration idea for wall in the living room.
Select 3 photo frames in different styles. For example, in the middle of the heart, a rectangle and a square. Buy 3 pieces of each option, as well as take three cans of paint and decorative ribbon.

Now you are ready to design a stylish Photo-composition on your wall that will surprise and delight your friends. To start let’s paint our picture frames. Take 3 different frames and paint in one color, then the other 3 paint in other color, and finally, the last 3 different frames in 3-d color. You can choose any colors, depending on the color scheme of your interior, the most classic option will be chocolate, grey and white.

Let photo frames on the table, we will make one composition, fast forward to the inner side.

Now it is time to fasten them together, for which it is necessary to cut the tape on 3 same pieces and glue or nail small carnations to frames from top to bottom.


Cut 3 small pieces of tape more and do the hangers for the upper frame, also attach.

You can add Decorative bows out of the remainder of the tape. Now it’s time to hang picture frames on a wall, for example, over a table or bed.


Original handmade composition of photos is ready – watch and enjoy!