Unusual interior design idea: 12 ways to use portable ladders

Portable ladder should be in every home, but most of the time it takes place in vain. Today in our craft blog review – 12 ways to functional use of portable ladders in the interior, for example, in the form of spacious and stylish rack.

1. Wall shelf of the two ladders

Combining two or more ladders, you can get a set of shelves with different designs.

2. Ladders&board as shelves

Two ladders and a few planks form a beautiful wall shelves.

3. High ladder as a bookcase

Unusual bookshelf library. It’s cheap, easy, and… convenient.

4. Wall shelf from the ladder placed horizontally

Horizontal bookshelf near the ceiling of the old stairs – it’s simple and stylish

5. The ladder leaning against the wall

Compact, simple and portable shelf for books.

6. Ladder-bookshelf in the reading corner

An easy way to make a cozy reading corner – to use an old ladder

7. Large shelves on the ladder

You can make great big shelf of the double ladders.

8. Ladder-rack in rustic interior

Rack of old ladders perfectly complement the interior design in rustic style.

9. Stairs as shelving in the room with industrial design

This ladder-rack fits perfectly in an industrial interior room

10. Shelves of ladders in the garage or workshop

Shelves of old ladders are very useful and convenient in the garage or workshop.

11. Bar Garden

Luxury garden bar of the old ladders.

12. Shelves for bathroom

Stunning rack from the old stairs in the bathroom can be very useful