Shirt-origami – the best father’s day present

Shirt-origami is the best handmade present for father’s day. It can be used as a souvenir and as a postcard – you can write any wish on it.

To make a paper shirt you will need a rectangular sheet of paper of any color.

You can also choose the shirt size. When selecting the size you need to consider a few details: the ratio of the lengths and widths of the rectangle is 2:1; the sides of the shirt after its Assembly will be in 2 times less than the sides of the rectangle.

You can try to fold a shirt-origami using regular sheet. Thereby you will learn where and how you can avoid mistakes when making a direct gift.

Let’s start:

1. First you need to fold the rectangle in half, but along not across it. Next you need to deploy and fold over the edges of the paper to the middle as shown below.


2. Next, you need to do – the sleeves. Flip your sheet face up. Now you need to fold the top corners to the center fold line (as shown below). Now again straighten the corners.

3. Again, prepare your sheet face down. Again fold the corners towards to fold line you just made. This time we don’t need to flatten these little corners.

4. Now bend the upper part of the sheet with curved corners in the part of the paper where the edge of the sheet intersects with the fold line corners.

5. The next thing to do is to fold the two edges towards the middle of your paper shirt and make the sleeves. You will need to hold the ribs with one finger.


6. You made the sleeves, and now it’s time to move on to the collar. You may have already guessed that the collar need to start making from the other end of the folded rectangle. To do this, fold the bottom edge up so that the collar was about 2 times shorter the sleeve.

7. Flip the folded sheet and make the corners of the collar.


8. Finally fold the resulting sheet to overlap the edge of the sleeves and collar. Straighten the corners of the collar and secure them using glue.

You made the basis of a shirt. Proceed to the decoration. Add the buttons. You can also add a corner of handkerchief, bow tie or tie.

An example of how to make a tie out of paper for your shirt:

Using a shirt-origami as a basis, you can easily decorate your father’s day present. Also, you can make a shirt and use it separately as a card. It will be interesting to make a few small shirts in different colors and attach them to one card.