What to make of coconut: bowls, flower pots and vases

In this master class of the halves of coconut, we suggest that you do a lot of interesting homemade. Look, they will be very interesting, because besides the coconuts themselves we will use bamboo skewers as stable interesting supports. All details in a visual step-by-step instruction.

You can use made homemade goods in many different ways. They are perfect for flower pots, they will look good as vases for sweets and snacks. With the same success they can be used as vases for storing jewelry and other small items.


To make from the coconut offered options for crafts, you will need to prepare:

    • coconut shells, sawn into two equal parts;
    • thin paper;
    • glue;
    • bamboo skewers;
    • wire cutters;
    • file;
    • joinery glue or a strong adhesive, which becomes clear when dried;
    • paint;
    • sandpaper.

Step 1. First you will need to prepare halves of coconut, in which there are holes, traditionally cut out for air and drinking coconut milk.

To close them we will use the papier-mache technique with you. Simply paste paper in these places and lubricate it with glue and give it a little time to dry it. A few layers of paper will be enough.

Such a workpiece will need to be left until the material dries completely.

Step 2. After this, you need to clean the shell of coconut, for this purpose it is best to use sandpaper.

Step 3. Next, cover the workpiece under the bowl with the paint of the color that suits you. Lay as many layers as you see fit. Make sure that the surface is evenly painted.

Step 4. After all, leave the workpieces until the paint dries.

Step 5. Of bamboo sticks, you will need to make a stand for coconut bowls. First cut them in length, place the cuts necessarily processed with a file.

Step 6. Bamboo skewers begin to connect with each other by crossing them, as demonstrated in the photo. To keep the design better, file in the places of their connection, gently adjust the elements under each other. After fitting, treat the joint with adhesive.


Step 7. Stands under the bowl connect together also with bamboo skewers. Adjust them along the length.

Step 8. Install the bowls on the stand.

Variants of use of bowls from coconut.