How to make a luxurious earrings of shells with their hands

Leaving the resort vacation, many ever taken home the different shells, which remind us of summer. Of course, not everyone can find good use for them, and it so happens that there is inspiration and all ideas are exhausted. Today we will find out how to make something really special – beautiful handmade earrings of shells.

We need:

  • seashells – 2 pieces;
  • artificial pearls;
  • glue;
  • awl;
  • fasteners and rings.

1. Use an awl to make holes in the shell.

2. The most important thing – it is gently turn the awl. Then get a nice hole. Use an awl from the reverse side of the same hole.

3. Glue artificial pearls In the middle of shell.

4. Put fastener on the shell.

Simple and unique handmade earrings of shells ready!