How to make dreamcatcher earrings

If you want to stand out from the grey mass and attract attention, then you can make original homemade jewelry, enjoying the process of creating and saving money. By the way, ethnic style of jewelry is very popular now..

Chose of the Indian theme is not accidental. Subtle pattern is easy to accomplish, but the decoration is elegant and ethereal. These earrings is a mascot, which protects its owner from bad thoughts in the afternoon and dream of the night for what them just enough to put on a nightstand next to bed.

Select one evening for creative work, indulge yourself, make earrings ‘Dreamcatcher’ with your own hands!

Materials and tools for making earrings

  • wire (8-12 inches)
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • threads of different thickness
  • needle
  • feathers
  • beads of various shapes and colors
  • all for 1-2 inches in diameter
  • metal blanks for fasteners

How to make a dreamcatcher earrings with your hands

For the manufacture of earrings we need framework-skeleton round shape. If you have finished metal, wooden or plastic ring with a diameter of 1-2 inches, the process is simplified. If not, then it is not difficult to produce it. Wrap the wire with a small round object (e.g. Pencil Sharpener, a cover of cream or deodorant) 2 times and pliers, remove any excess wire.

In this way, blanks are perfectly round.

But this is difficult to achieve, if given the necessary form wire with your hands. If the ends a little bit apart, don’t worry – the braiding thread ring are pulled together. In places where still visible bumps, you can simply wrap the thread a few times.

The next step is to design the basics with threads. To do this, take the thread of medium thickness and fold them in half.

Fix the thread with one hand, weaving the spiral, then tie to the place where you started out.

If it is thick, you can do it in a single layer. Choose a color to suit your taste and imagination.

In the same way we make the second ring.

Plaiting pattern we use regular thin threads. Thick here will not fit, they will look rough and messy.

Fix thread end node. To prevent slipping, you can just ignore the thread under the thread base.

In the ring make a neat Spider Web of threads using a needle.

the real American Indian mascots have 8 rays. The diameter of our earrings may preserve the originality of the pattern. With lots of rays is difficult work, and with less-the pattern will look poorly.

Diagram of plaiting pattern web reviewed in detail in the article on the creation of the classic catcher of dreams, they are the same.

When the basic of web is ready, decorate the hole in the center of the beads. Put a bead on the thread, and on the other hand secure a knot from a pattern, the end of the cut.

At the top of each of the pieces fit a metal framework for earrings.

Site of the filaments hide under the beads (in this case wood, you can choose to your taste). The beads are good not only in that it is, you can use them to hide nodes and brackets.

Feathers, we put it in the right direction and fix the thread. Next thread and pins feathers hide under the beads.

Suspension of beads and feathers fastened to a node of basic threads, which we cut off.

Our ethnic earrings are ready!

If you want to make the earrings the brighter and visible, you can add a couple more smaller pieces to the sides.

Earrings were large, but very lightweight. Instead of beads are perfect small semi-precious stones (turquoise, opal, agate, rock crystal, topaz, carnelian etc.).

Design of miniature earrings with the same technique

Wearing new jewelry with pleasure!