How to decorate a case for your smartphone with their own hands

Today we will decorate phone case for smartphone with vegetative ornament. For this you don’t need to be an artist and stock up on expensive paints, it is enough to remember how to make a herbarium. This knowledge will come in handy in the production of exclusive case.



Before you decorate a case for your smartphone with their hands prepare:

  • the case of transparent plastic;
  • flowers, twigs or leaves;
  • epoxy resin;
  • brush;
  • wax paper;
  • sticks for ice cream;
  • heavy book;
  • tweezers;
  • the spray varnish.

Step 1. Prepare your favourite plants. First, they need to dry thoroughly. If the leaves or the flowers will not dry, epoxy can react with the fluid and change the color of the plants. To properly dried, flatten the leaf or flower, put them between sheets of plain paper for the printer and send it all in a book. In this form, allow the plants to dry. Depending on your chosen flower, this process will take from one to three weeks.

Step 2. The dried petals need to varnish. The varnish seals the pores of the plants and stores it in the proper form. Put the item dried on wax paper and cover it with varnish spray. Once one side is dry, apply the material on the other side.

Step 3. You can use plant  in the natural form or paint it to make it more colorful. In this master class leaves were fixed stationery clip and painted in a nice mint shade of regular paint in aerosol form.


Step 4. Put your plants in an arrangement on the  case for smartphon. It ought to be done, as the work with epoxy resin requires a clear coherence and speed of movements. That is, you have to imagine where and what element of the composition will be placed.


Step 5. In a separate bowl, mix epoxy resin and special hardener. Mix thoroughly for 60 seconds. Stir stick for an ice cream. Can divide the liquid into two parts and add coloring pigment, if you want a colored case.

Step 6. Gently but quickly brush apply the first coat of resin with or without pigment.

Step 7. Until the resin is dry, using tweezers, place the plants in an arrangement.


Step 8. Once the plants  will slightly seize, cover the case with the second layer of resin. This time take fully transparent epoxy .


Let the case to dry thoroughly. Your case with floral ornaments ready!

If you have difficulty creating a case with your own hands, here you will find a lot of great cases for iPhone.