How to DIY Supplies for jewelry with their own hands

Our favorite things are not always at hand, which is why they are often lost. So it is with jewelry. Of course, you can buy a suitable organizer for jewelry, but also you can make very useful organizer with your own hands – and this is much more fun.

In this case, the old tray taken as a basis, which carries the coil from the thread for hanging necklaces, bracelets or necklaces. In addition, you can use small boxes or jars for jewelry that is not suspended: rings, earrings and other items.

Our main attachment – it screw hooks or screws.

All the necessary materials for work can be found at home, if both should look for among old things.

Our main tool – pliers

1. First, take a screw hooks or screws that need to be pre-bend in the hook.

2. Screw hook can be easily screwed by hand into the tray, as shown above. But first it is necessary to impose thread coils on the hooks.

3. Then put small boxes on the bottom of our main tray.

4. You can build tags from scrap materials on boxes and above hooks.

For the next part of making DIY organizer you will need: glue, scissors, fabric and cardboard.

1. Paint the wooden tray. For special beauty, which imparts a solid surface and a sleek look, you can apply a primer.

2. Cut a piece of cardboard the size suitable for your little box.

3. Take a piece of fabric and cut out with a small margin.

4. Lay the fabric face down, and in the middle put your piece of cardboard.

5. Wrap cardboard and glue the edges.

6. Then place the resulting product on the box. Pre-apply glue to the bottom of the box. For better adhesion place any weight on the bonding surfaces.

7. Do the same procedure with all the little boxes.

8. Tags for boxes can be made from patterned paper. Approach to the manufacture of such tags will depend only on your imagination.

9. Glue small boxes on the soft material so as not to damage the paint if you wish to dismantle them.

10. Also, as we did upholstery for small boxes, do upholstery for main tray. The fabric can be a variety of colors, including the possible use burlap.