How to make case for phone and tablet with their hands

If you need a case for mobile phone and tablet  to protect it from scratches and falls, it is not necessary to go to the store – you can make a beautiful handmade case at home

How to sew a case with their hands

1. You can use two halves of different colors batt. In this example dark green used for the back and white for the front.

2. Manually connect two halves by a thread. Use double strand.

3. The back of the case is longer, to be able to close the case.



4. A small strip of felt sew the upper cover portion as shown below.

5. Use a few strips of different colors for decorating. Glue or sew them to the case.


How to DIY phone case

We need:

  • Unnecessary piece of leather clothes;
  • Scissors;
  • Sewing machine (you can use just needle and thread).



  1. Prepare the material from which later will have to cut 3 equal parts – 2 will be used as a front and back cover, and the third piece – for decoration.
  2. Place the phone on the material and mark approximately 1 in (2.5 cm) from the upper part.
  3. To decorate the cover you need a third piece of fabric cut in half.
  4. It is time to cut the fabric into 3 equal parts.
  5. Put the two parts to each other and measure approximately 1 in (2.5 cm) from the top.
  6. From halves of the third part gently make fringe.
  7. Using a ruler and scissors make the same cuts on pieces for decorating.
  8. Sew each half with a fringe to the front and back of the case.
  9. Cut one piece of the left and right of each fringe.
  10. Connect halves of case using sewing machine or manually.



Sewing cases with their hands

This cute case is very easy to make.

We need:

  • Velcro;
  • Fabric;
  • Thread;
  • Needle;
  • Pins;
  • 2 D-rings;

1. Prepare material for the strap. Fold it in half and sew as shown below.

2. Prepare 2 pieces of fabric, which will serve as the back and front of the case (we use fabric with a pattern). Also prepare two pieces of fabric that will form the inner part of the case (fabric beige), and two pieces of fabric, which would cover part beige (blue tissue). Use pins to connect externak and internal sides

3. Sew the strap to one of the halves of the case.

4. Place the D-rings on the strap and fold it in the opposite direction. Sew strap with two rows of thread as shown below.

5. Turn this part of the case and cover the top with a piece of blue cloth.

6. Prepare a Velcro, which consists of 2 parts. Sew one piece to one half of the cover.

7. Prepare second part of case and sew it to the first one.


8. Measure the correct place for the Velcro on second half and sew it.



Examples of self-made covers for phones and tablets

Now, knowing the basic foundation of making covers you can make any size case for your gadget.

See how to make such a stylish case for tablet with their hands

You can make this simple case for your mobile phone.

Try also this simple leather case for phone

Or maybe you enjoy this unusual case for tablet?

And here are a few examples of simple and at the same time very interesting covers. Let these examples inspire you to create a wonderful gift for a friend or a convenient case for your IPhone or IPad.

I hope you are now ready to make a wonderful case with their own hands. Or you can find great deals here.